Homeowners Insurance for Arkansas Residents

McGhee Insurance offers homeowner insurance for Arkansas residents that protects what matters most.

Maximize Coverage With Our Homeowner Insurance for Arkansas Policies

Your home is probably the most important asset you own, not because of how much it costs to buy—but because of what’s inside. It houses your family, pets, and personal belongings. A home is where your precious memories are formed, and it’s the primary location of important events like birthdays and family holidays. You put hours of time and thousands of dollars into making your house a home and making sure it has the necessary protection is essential for safeguarding against the unexpected.

As a leading personal insurance agency, McGhee Insurance offers comprehensive homeowners insurance for Arkansas residents. Our expert agents have long-term relationships with leading policy providers and leverage over twenty years of experience to find the best plan for your needs. Our policies deliver coverage against the following events:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Storms
  • Vandalism
  • And more

Offering Renters Insurance for Arkansas That Protects Your Belongings

As a renter, your landlord probably has a dwelling coverage policy for the property they own. However, that plan only protects the structure, and likely won’t cover your belongings after a disaster. The McGhee Insurance agency team is available to help find the right renter’s insurance policy for your budget. Our experts work with you to gain a full understanding of the possessions you own, then consult our partners to get the most cost-effective coverage options. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing an expert agency is making sure your items are repaired or replaced after experiencing damage.

Find the Best Quote for Your Homeowner Insurance Policy

At McGhee, we believe the best homeowner insurance quote isn’t always a quick one. That’s why we take time to carefully find a comprehensive policy with a cost-effective price. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and start protecting what matters most to you.

Maximize Protection for Your Home With Additional Coverage Options

A standard homeowners insurance policy provides essential coverage for many events that can damage your home and surrounding property. However, these plans have gaps that require additional policies or unique plans. Failing to account for these omissions can leave you fully responsible for repair or replacement costs.

McGhee understands the importance of maximizing your home insurance coverage plan and works closely with you to make sure you’re protected against any event, including:

Arkansas Earthquake Insurance

The New Madrid Seismic Zone includes Arkansas and is one of the most active seismic regions in the United States. A homeowners insurance plan doesn’t cover damage from land movement, which means you’re responsible for any earthquake-related repairs. The McGhee team believes in helping you get the most out of your policy and works hard to protect your home and possessions from a potentially devastating earthquake.

Flood Insurance for Arkansas

Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover losses incurred during a flood event, so purchasing an additional flood insurance plan is essential for people living in high-risk areas. Our team carefully assesses your location and determines which policy is right for you. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing you’re protected from any natural disaster or event.

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