Financial Institutions and Bank Insurance

McGhee Insurance uses our extensive network of partners to help financial institutions and banks with insurance needs.

Helping Secure Insurance for Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions hold a special place in society. People invest their money in these entities to secure their family’s financial future and meet their long-term goals. This heavy responsibility means banks, credit unions, and investment firms must have the right insurance policies to protect their business and the wealth of their clients.

As a leading commercial insurance agency, McGhee Insurance offers comprehensive banking insurance policies that help maintain risk management and protect what matters most. Our knowledge of the insurance landscape allows us to find the best policy for banking clients.

Find the Right Bank Insurance Policy With McGhee

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Our Financial Institution Insurance Coverage Plans

Banks and other financial companies have the challenging task of managing clients’ money and trust. Having the right insurance policies is essential for protecting them against unexpected events and disasters. McGhee Insurance works with our finance partners to build a comprehensive bank insurance bundle with the following plans:

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    Bank managers have a responsibility to make sure their building is open to serve their customers. We work with financial institutions to secure their building and contents with the right commercial property plan for their needs.

  • General Liability

    We offer general liability solutions that help protect banks and other institutions from lender liability and professional service claims. Our team understands the importance of managing and risk and takes pride in finding the right policy.

  • Cyber Insurance

    The increase in online banking and monetary transactions has made protecting virtual data more important than ever for banks. Having a comprehensive cyber insurance policy covers a firm in the event of a data breach and can help alert customers about the event.

Get the Best Bank Insurance Policy With Our Network of Partners

Securing your bank with the right insurance policy is essential for protecting your interests and ensuring trust with your customers. Since 1999, McGhee Insurance has been offering comprehensive plans that let you find the best quote for your budget. We leverage our comprehensive network of partners that lets us build a policy suitable for your needs. Our network includes:

  • Cincinnati
  • Travelers
  • ABA Insurance Services
  • And more

Contact us today and see how we can build the best bank insurance policy for your business and customers.


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