Retail Business Insurance

McGhee Insurance offers retail insurance that protects what matters most for businesses.

Protecting Businesses With Comprehensive Retail Insurance

Running a business is stressful. Increasing sales and enhancing operations is a daily task that requires long hours and hard work. But even the best efforts won’t protect your company from unexpected events. Accidents, theft, severe weather, and other unpredictable occurrences can have a significant impact on your profit margin if you’re not properly protected.

As a leading provider of commercial insurance for central Arkansas businesses, McGhee Insurance offers retail insurance solutions that safeguard business owners from events that are out of their control. We leverage our knowledge and experience to find the right policy for your needs and budget.

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Why You Need Insurance for Your Retail Store

As a business owner, you’re not just responsible for your staff and inventory; you’re also responsible for the customers who visit your store. Retail insurance protects you from the damages that occur if a customer or employee experiences an accident.

Insurance also provides financial relief if severe weather damages your storefront or any assets inside your business. Not having the right policy increases your exposure to financial risks and makes you liable for repairs and legal expenses.

Protect Your Business With a Retail Insurance Policy

McGhee Insurance takes pride in offering comprehensive retail business insurance policies that protect small businesses from the unpredictable. Contact us today and start building your policy.

Our Business Retail Insurance Options

The McGhee Insurance team understands that businesses have unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of insurance options designed to meet the requirements of our clients. Our retail business insurance options include:

Commercial Auto Insurance

Does your business rely on cars or trucks for tasks like product deliveries? If so, you need commercial auto insurance. However, purchasing minimum coverage could make you liable for costs following an accident. McGhee Insurance works with you to develop the best auto insurance coverage for your company. We offer liability, collision, medical, and uninsured motorist policies that safeguard you from the consequence of vehicular incidents.

General Liability Insurance

Accidents and other unexpected issues can occur at any time, even if you and your staff are following best practices. Gaps in your liability coverage could make you responsible for repair or replacement bills that impact your company’s financial health. Our team works with you to build a plan for the following claims:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury

We also offer umbrella insurance policies that provide additional protection if the cost of damages exceeds your coverage limit.

Cyber Insurance

If your staff uses computers for any task, you’re at risk of a data breach. A cyberattack can have a catastrophic impact on your business. It gives a hacker access to the personal information of your staff and customers, creates downtime, and can take months to recover from.

McGhee Insurance offers cyber liability policies that cover your business in the event of a cyberattack involving sensitive data, including:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit card information
  • Bank account data
  • Health records
  • Driver’s license numbers

Workers’ Compensation

Did you know that Arkansas businesses with three or more employees are required to purchase a workers’ compensation policy? The right plan for your business and staff provides the necessary protection if employees get hurt and can’t work. Our team understands the strict guidelines and leverages our knowledge and experience to help you through the process.

Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of securing your facility’s equipment. Commercial property insurance provides protection when a natural disaster, an accident, or other unforeseen event damages your items.

We can help you find the right plan for your company to ensure you have maximum protection for your physical assets.

Advantages of Building a Retail Business Insurance Policy With McGhee

The McGhee Insurance team understands that business owners operate on small margins. That’s why we work closely with them to create a budget-friendly policy that maximizes coverage. We offer expert advice to our clients so they get the best plan for their needs.

Along with retail, our experts offer comprehensive insurance policies for a wide variety of markets.

  • Bank insurance: We help banks and other financial institutions protect the sensitive data of their clients.
  • Contractor insurance: We find the best policies that provide peace of mind for contractors in a dangerous industry.
  • Apartments: Our team helps landlords protect their investment with commercial insurance policies.
  • Lessor’s risk: McGhee Insurance offers lessor’s risk policies that protect commercial building owners from the financial implications of lawsuits.
  • Car dealership: Severe weather and other incidents can impact the vehicle inventory at a car dealership. We provide policies that protect what matters most to owners.

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A Business Retail Insurance Provider With an Extensive Partnership Network

Running a business, making sure you have the right product inventory, and managing customer and employee needs means you might not have the time to navigate insurance. Partnering with a reputable brokerage gives you the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

McGhee Insurance takes pride in customizing policies that maximize coverage while protecting what matters most to our clients. Our team has over two decades of experience and uses our established relationships with industry-leading providers to enhance coverage. Our partnership network includes:

  • Breckenridge Insurance Services
  • Travelers
  • Progressive
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • EMC Insurance
  • Markel
  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • And More

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