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McGhee Insurance offers medical practice insurance that maximizes coverage for healthcare facilities.

Helping Medical Practices With Insurance Needs

Similar to their patients, doctors need insurance to cover their financial needs if something goes wrong. The most well-known policy is malpractice insurance, which protects them from lawsuits stemming from mistakes during treatment and surgery.

But what about their office, vehicles, and staff? These also face daily risks and impact the financial viability of a practice if an accident occurs. Proper coverage provides peace of mind knowing business can continue when the unforeseen happens.

As a leading independent insurance agency, McGhee Insurance offers medical office insurance policies for companies across Central Arkansas. Our team has over 20 years of experience finding the right policies for clinicians.

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Why You Need Doctors Office Insurance

While medical malpractice insurance protects staff from professional mistakes, it doesn’t provide coverage for other issues that could lead to high costs and lawsuits. Slips, falls, accidents, and natural disasters can impact the safety of patients and staff and damage your facility.

A comprehensive policy helps financially protect you from the damages and lawsuits that stem from unforeseen events.

Protect Your Practice With Our Medical Office Insurance Policies

Accidents can happen at any time, and the right policy protects your business from the financial fallout. Contact McGhee Insurance for a free consultation and start maximizing coverage for your staff and patients.

Our Medical Practice Liability Insurance Options

The right insurance agency gives you the coverage your practice needs. Gaps in a policy increase your liability and can make you responsible for legal fees and replacement costs of equipment. McGhee Insurance understands the importance of proper coverage and offers the following options to practitioners across Central Arkansas:

General Liability Insurance

Wellness and cleanliness are key priorities for healthcare facilities, but even the most well-maintained offices aren’t accident-proof. Injuries or accidents from trips, falls, and other unanticipated events can be a financial strain if you don’t have the proper coverage.

McGhee Insurance offers comprehensive general liability insurance that helps cover the losses and expenses if an injury occurs on your property. Our agents work closely with you to understand your building and find a policy that fits your budget. We also provide commercial umbrella insurance plans that maximize coverage for incidents that exceed your limit.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Making sure your facility is clean and well-organized creates a healthy environment for your staff. However, you can’t prevent every accident. Even routine tasks can eventually lead to injuries that impact an employee’s ability to work.

Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance provides peace of mind that a staff member’s medical expenses and missed wages will be covered in the event they can’t work. The McGhee Insurance team understands the various regulations in Arkansas and works hard to find the right policy for your practice.

Commercial Auto Insurance

McGhee Insurance takes pride in enhancing coverage for our clients and offers comprehensive commercial auto insurance policies that protect your business vehicles. With liability, collision, medical, and uninsured/underinsured plans, we make sure you have a cost-effective policy that maximizes coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance

Severe weather can cause significant damage to your building and professional belongings, including medical equipment, laptops, desktops, phones, and furniture. Losing these components makes it challenging for your staff to serve patients—and they’re expensive to replace.

McGhee Insurance works with clients to protect what matters most to them with a comprehensive commercial property insurance policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Patients trust you with some of their most sensitive information, including health insurance data, social security numbers, and credit card information. A data breach puts all of these records at risk and could lead to legal action if it falls into the wrong hands.

McGhee Insurance offers cyber liability insurance policies that cover the legal fees and expenses following a cyberattack. A comprehensive plan provides peace of mind for your staff and patients that their personal information will be restored.

Get the Best Medical Practice Insurance Policy With Our Network of Partners

As a healthcare professional, you don’t have time to research and find the best policy for your needs. However, purchasing the wrong plan can have long-term consequences, leaving gaps in your coverage policy that increase your exposure to liabilities and legal fees.

As a leading independent insurance provider for Arkansas, McGhee Insurance takes pride in working with clients to find the best policy for their needs and budget. Our team leverages our comprehensive partnership network to build effective plans. Some of the companies we have professional relationships with include:

  • Travelers
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Markel
  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • And More

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Offering Comprehensive Medical Practice Liability Insurance and More Since 1999

The McGhee Insurance team believes in helping our clients protect what matters most to them, and we accomplish that by carefully curating the best policy for their needs. Along with our medical office insurance policies, we also offer solutions that meet the needs of various markets, including:

  • Banks
  • Apartments
  • Car dealerships
  • Lessor’s risk
  • And more

Contact us today to start maximizing coverage with our comprehensive policies.

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