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McGhee Insurance offers restaurant liability insurance that protects restaurants from unforeseen events.

Safeguard Your Business With a Restaurant Liability Insurance Policy

The food and drink service industry has a unique risk profile. A large public presence, crowded kitchens, staff carrying glasses, and other unpredictable elements make accidents a common occurrence. The right insurance policy protects your restaurant from the high costs associated with these incidents.

However, many restaurants operate on thin margins, and finding the best coverage at the right price can be challenging for owners if they don’t understand what policies they need. A reputable insurance agency can deliver the options your business needs.

As a leading provider of commercial insurance for Central Arkansas, McGhee Insurance offers comprehensive food business insurance policies that protect your restaurant from the financial fallout of an unpredictable event. Our agents source the best quotes for the following food service businesses:

  • Coffee shops
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Ice cream shops
  • Fine dining
  • Full-service restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Pizza shops
Cooks prepare meals on the stove in the kitchen of the restaurant

Why You Need a Restaurant Insurance Policy

Restaurants are a dangerous environment for employees. Cooks require the use of flames and knives to prepare food, and the wait staff must carefully deliver glassware and silverware to tables at efficient speeds. Accidents put their safety at risk and could impact their ability to work.

Even customers face risks when dining at a food service facility. Diners rotating in and out of the restaurant increase the chances of accidents and property damage. Also, they may deal with health problems if they consume raw or undercooked food.

All of these issues could impact the financial health of a restaurant, and the wrong insurance coverage could make you liable for the costs. With a comprehensive insurance policy, your business and staff are protected when unforeseen events occur.

Safeguard Your Business With Our Restaurant Insurance Policies

McGhee Insurance offers food business insurance that protects restaurants from unexpected events. Contact us today for a free consultation and start building your policy.

Our Food Business Insurance Options

The McGhee Insurance team understands that restaurants have unique needs and strict budgets. That’s why we offer a wide variety of insurance options to meet the specifications of our clients. Our comprehensive restaurant insurance options include:

Commercial Auto Insurance

Catering businesses and restaurants that own vehicles for delivery must have a commercial auto insurance policy to protect the vehicles and drivers. However, settling for a minimum coverage plan increases costs if an accident occurs. Our agents work with you to find the best car insurance policy for your company. We offer liability, collision, medical, and uninsured motorist policies that safeguard you from the consequences of accidents.

General Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen at any time, even when your staff is practicing safe workplace habits. Inadequate coverage can make you responsible for the associated costs. The McGhee Insurance team offers peace of mind by building a general liability policy that covers:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injuries
  • Personal injuries

Want to maximize your coverage? Our team will work with you to find an umbrella insurance policy that offers an additional layer of protection that extends beyond your coverage limit.

Workers’ Compensation

From flames to glass and sharp knives, the cooks, bartenders, and waitstaff at a restaurant face hazards throughout their shifts. Purchasing the right workers’ compensation insurance provides financial relief for your staff if they can’t work after an accident. Our agents work with you to find the best policy for your needs and budget.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property damage from fires, severe weather, or car accidents can have a significant impact on the long-term health of your restaurant. McGhee Insurance offers commercial property insurance plans that safeguard your physical assets.

Cyber Insurance

Does your restaurant run credit cards for customers? A cyberattack can have a significant impact on the long-term viability of your business. A hacker can steal private information and cause you to lose business and trust within the community.

With a cyber insurance policy, your company is protected from costs associated with a lawsuit if a data breach occurs.

A Restaurant Insurance Provider With an Extensive Partnership Network

Running a restaurant is a stressful task; verifying you have the right ingredients and equipment while meeting the needs of customers is a full-time job. A reputable insurance agency provides peace of mind that you’re receiving the best coverage.

The McGhee Insurance team takes pride in helping clients in Central Arkansas protect what matters to them. We have an extensive partnership network that allows us to find the best coverage plan for their needs, including:

  • Breckenridge Insurance Services
  • Travelers
  • Progressive
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • EMC Insurance
  • Markel
  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • And More

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Offering Comprehensive Restaurant Insurance and More

The McGhee Insurance team understands the value of enhancing coverage without maximizing costs. Our team offers expert advice to make sure your property, equipment, and employees are covered. Along with restaurant insurance, we also build policies for the following markets:

  • Banks: We help banks and other financial businesses protect the sensitive information of their clients.
  • Apartments: Our team works with landlords to protect their investments from severe weather and accidents.
  • Car dealership: Many car dealers store their inventory in outdoor lots, exposing them to the elements. We find the best policy that protects their products.

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