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Securing Workers’ Compensation for Little Rock, Arkansas Businesses

If you’re an Arkansas business owner with three or more employees, you’re required by law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for your staff. This policy provides peace of mind that medical costs stemming from injuries and illness and the following lost wages are covered. Also, workers’ compensation safeguards employers from liability claims for work-related injuries. However, just because this insurance is required doesn’t mean business owners can’t find the right policy for their needs. The workers’ compensation guidelines are challenging to understand, and partnering with an experienced provider is essential for maximizing coverage. As a leading commercial insurance agency, McGhee Insurance works with business owners to find a cost-effective workers’ compensation policy that best suits their needs. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and we leverage our expertise to guide our clients through the process.

Advantages of Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Owners

Workers’ compensation insurance assures employees that their medical bills and wages are covered if they miss work for a period of time. However, these policies also offer advantages to business owners. While required by state law, purchasing business owners also benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased protection: Workers’ compensation insurance helps employers avoid the high costs associated with an injured employee. Without this policy, many of the medical care expenses would fall on the worker and small business owner.
  • Reduced risk: Purchasing a workers’ compensation insurance policy allows business owners to transfer the financial risk of an illness or workplace accident to the insurance company.

Safeguard Your Employees With McGhee as Your Workers’ Compensation Agency

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Why Work With McGhee as Your Workers’ Compensation Agency

As a small business owner, you likely don’t understand the nuances of workers’ compensation insurance. With various class codes associated with each industry, it can be challenging to know which plan is right for your company. The McGhee team understands these difficulties and works with you to make sure you get a cost-effective policy that protects your organization and staff.

Partnering with us allows you to build a comprehensive policy that includes commercial auto, and general and professional liability solutions. With an extensive network of partners, our agents can find the best policy for your business.

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