Insurance for Farms

McGhee offers farm insurance policies that protect farmers and their equipment from damage and theft.

Protecting the Agriculture Industry With Comprehensive Farm Insurance Coverage

Whether it’s raising cattle or growing crops, your farm plays a significant role in feeding America. This responsibility means the right insurance policy is essential for protecting what matters most. Natural disasters, accidents, and theft can all impact your business, and the right policy provides peace of mind that you’re protected from the legal and financial consequences of these risks.

The McGhee team understands the vital role farmers play and offers comprehensive insurance for farms that address the needs of the agricultural industry. We’re a leading commercial insurance provider for central Arkansas, leveraging our knowledge and experience to find the best plan for your budget.

Farm Insurance Coverage

Our Farm Insurance Policy Options

Farm insurance protects farmers and their farming operations from various risks and financial losses. The coverage provided can vary depending on the policy and the needs of the farm, but typically it includes the following:

  • Commercial Property Coverage

    Commercial property insurance covers the farm’s physical assets, such as barns, silos, storage sheds, machinery, equipment, and livestock. It protects against events like fire, theft, vandalism, storms, and other specified hazards.

  • General Liability Coverage

    General liability insurance protects farmers from legal claims and financial liabilities resulting from injuries to third parties or damage to their property on the farm. For example, liability coverage may help cover medical expenses and legal costs if a visitor is injured while on the farm.

  • Workers’ Compensation

    If the farm employs workers, workers’ compensation coverage can be included to cover injuries or illnesses employees suffer while working on the farm.

Protect Your Equipment With a Farm Insurance Policy

McGhee works closely with farmers to find the farm insurance coverage that meets their needs. Contact us today and start building your plan.

A Proven Provider of Insurance for Farms With an Extensive Partnership Network

When running a business, it can be challenging to prioritize insurance alongside other important tasks. With a trustworthy independent insurance agency, you can access expert knowledge to help you make informed decisions. McGhee Insurance takes pride in tailoring policies that safeguard what matters most to our clients. We leverage our 20 years of experience and strong partnerships with top-tier providers to enhance coverage. Our extensive network includes:

  • Columbia
  • Liberty Mutual
  • State Auto and Cornerstone

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