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McGhee Insurance helps landlords find the best habitational insurance policy for their needs.

Secure Your Rental Property With Commercial Habitational Insurance

When you operate an apartment or condominium complex, you’re not only responsible for the property itself—you’re also responsible for the people living there. Making sure you have a rental property insurance policy is essential for protecting yourself financially if a natural disaster or fire damages your building.

However, not all habitational insurance carriers offer the same policy, and purchasing the wrong plan could leave you exposed to cover the losses if you’re underinsured. As a leading commercial insurance agency, McGhee Insurance offers habitational insurance policies that secure your rental property from unexpected events.

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Get the Right Policy With Our Habitational Insurance Carriers

McGhee Insurance’s extensive network of partners enables us to find the best plan for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and start building your policy.

Build the Right Rental Property Insurance Plan With Our Experts

Trying to find the right habitational insurance policy without expert assistance is challenging because each provider has different coverage standards. With McGhee Insurance, landlords get access to experienced agents that understand the insurance industry. Our team builds a customized plan for your rental property using the following solutions:

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    Accidents, fires, and disasters are unpredictable and carry significant recovery costs if you’re not protected with the right policy. Our commercial property insurance plans make sure your valuable investment is covered from unexpected events. We take pride in carefully understanding your needs before finding a cost-effective quote that suits your budget.

  • Rent Dwelling Insurance

    Purchasing a rental dwelling insurance policy protects you from liability claims and covers rental income losses stemming from those covered claims. We also work with residents to cover their valuable belongings with a comprehensive renters insurance plan.

  • Cyber Insurance

    As a landlord, you have access to the private information of your tenants, including bank account information and income information. If you store this information digitally, then you need a cyber insurance policy to protect you from losses incurred from a data breach. Our team works with you to provide guidance in finding the right policy for you.

A Leading Insurance Agency With an Extensive Network of Habitational Insurance Carriers

Purchasing a rental property is a significant investment, and securing your asset with the right specialty insurance plan is essential to protecting yourself. Since 1999, McGhee Insurance has been helping landlords safeguard their assets with habitational insurance plans. Our team leverages our extensive list of partners to find the best quote for clients. Our partnership network includes:

  • Travelers
  • Columbia
  • Nationwide
  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Auto-Owners

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