Day Care Insurance

We’ll help you sort through the options and land with the perfect amount of coverage.

As a business owner, your passion is providing excellent care and your responsibility is to make sure you have appropriate insurance policies in place. 

Run a day-care program from home? It is easy to assume that you’d be covered by your standard home insurance policy, but you’d be caught uninsured in the case of most events related to your business! 

The parents you work with want to know the day-care their child attends will always put safety first. Keep the children, your employees, and yourself safe by holding proper coverage to cover the big unknowns of running a business.  

We have worked with day-cares large and small, and we know the ins-and-outs of providing the right amount of coverage to give you peace of mind! We can work within your budget to keep you and the kids in your care safe. 

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