Homeowner’s – 7 Steps to Getting the Claim Paid

A lot of folks never plan to have a homeowner’s insurance claim… therefore they “plan to fail” should this occur. Be prepared, follow these simple steps to get there: 1) Keep a detailed inventory of your home. Complete with serial numbers where applicable & photos of each room to “jog” your memory in the case … Read more Homeowner’s – 7 Steps to Getting the Claim Paid

Auto Insurance: Common Questions When Changing Cars

When changing or adding a vehicle to your auto insurance policy the main question that we receive is: “What is my monthly bill going to be?” When adding or changing a vehicle on the policy the insurance company will send out new premium information with the breakdown of the bill usually within 7 to 10 … Read more Auto Insurance: Common Questions When Changing Cars

Good Drivers Can Pay Less

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Are you a good driver? Then, you may be surprised to know good drivers pay for bad drivers when it comes to auto insurance. If you’re the good driver you’re probably overpaying and if you’re a bad driver you’re probably not paying enough. To quote Bob Dylan, as he says “things they are a-changing.” Have … Read more Good Drivers Can Pay Less

Identity Theft – Protect Yourself

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Has something ever been stolen from you? How did that make you feel? Of course, it depends on what the object meant to you that was taken. My 5-year-old, Jack, just started a new summer camp. And like most new schools there is the occasional bully. The first day when I picked him up after … Read more Identity Theft – Protect Yourself

Health Insurance Help

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Need health individual/family insurance? Don’t understand the Obamacare rules? We can help. The most important thing to know about health insurance is that you can normally only buy-in during the fall period called Open Enrollment. That period runs from November 1 to January 31. To get coverage that begins January 1st you must enroll by … Read more Health Insurance Help

“Why do I need that much homeowner’s coverage?”

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Homeowner’s insurance is protection for you financially against expensive damages to your home that you would not be able to pay out of your pocket.  When you invest so much time and your hard-earned money into your home, you want to make sure that your investment is protected and protected to the degree that meets … Read more “Why do I need that much homeowner’s coverage?”