Identity Theft – Protect Yourself

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Has something ever been stolen from you? How did that make you feel? Of course, it depends on what the object meant to you that was taken.

My 5-year-old, Jack, just started a new summer camp. And like most new schools there is the occasional bully. The first day when I picked him up after camp was over and I asked how his day was, his eyes welled up with tears, and he told me the story of how a mean kid came up to him and broke up the cool Lego ship he worked so hard to build. Then the mean kid took some of the Legos he was using, which meant poor Jack wasn’t able to make the same ship again. He was heartbroken.

The same is true when a thief steals our identity and uses it for their own economic gain. When it happens, it is not just our money that is affected. Our hard earned credit can also take a hit, thus changing how the financial market views our name. Credit is not easy to build, as we all know. We must be consistent with every monthly bill. We must be cautious with how much debt we accumulate on our credit cards. And since making enough money takes a considerable amount of effort to feed our family, provide for our lifestyle choices, and pay our bills on time, it can be devastating when someone wants to steal that money for selfish gain, or our credit takes a negative hit due to identity theft.

According to recent statistics, identity theft is the fastest growing crime of the modern day. We are more susceptible to our identity stolen than any other crime. Anytime we give our credit card numbers, our date of birth or SSN, or put in a pin number for a password unless that source has completely protected themselves against predators, our private information is now at risk. Then the criminal can use that personal data to fill in false applications for loans and credit cards, withdrawal from our bank accounts, purchase telephone calling cards or obtain other goods or privileges which the criminal might be denied if they were using their real name.

Identity theft is a real problem. Thankfully, we have a solution. We now offer Identity Shield. Identity Shield cost per month is much less than you would think and can completely monitor your entire identity for you. It is aware of your current spending trends and notices when something looks out of place. If your SSN or DOB or bank account information or credit card numbers are used in a foreign environment, it is immediately identified and puts a stop to the criminal’s efforts. And if your credit is damaged or debt placed on your name that does not belong to you, Identity Shield’s team of attorneys are there at your disposal, providing help with all the necessary steps to getting your credit and your name back where it belongs.


Darin Hoover