When changing or adding a vehicle to your auto insurance policy the main question that we receive is: “What is my monthly bill going to be?” When adding or changing a vehicle on the policy the insurance company will send out new premium information with the breakdown of the bill usually within 7 to 10 business days.

We are able to see how much the total premium would be from the date you make the changes until the end of your auto insurance policy period, this is called “pro-rated” amount. From there we can give you an estimate on the monthly, but the exact amount will be reflected on the bill received in the mail or online if your set up that way.

For example, if you add a vehicle on the 10th day of the month and your bill is due on the 20th day of the month the change will not reflect until the next bill because there will not be enough time for a new billing statement to be generated and sent to you. It is always best to wait to get the new paperwork in the mail from the company with the formal breakdown.

Another question we receive when making auto insurance changes is: “Why does this vehicle cost more than my last one?” This is very simple. All automobiles have a “rating symbol” that is used to determine the insurance price. The range is numerical from 1-100+. Common cars like a Toyota Camry, for example, will be in the teen’s range, while a Corvette may be 60+. The higher the “symbol” the higher the cost for that vehicle to secure Arkansas auto insurance.

It is common that a client will add a newly purchased vehicle and be surprised at the cost and sometimes make the comment they wished they had known that before they bought it! Call us anytime before you buy a vehicle and we can tell you if it’s a lower or higher rating symbol, we’re happy to help. Also, good to remember that bundling your auto insurance & home insurance with one company saves you money.